RPG : Fall Of Hantei CCG : War Of Honor

The Legend Of 5 Rings (L5R) is an asian-inspired Collectible Card Game and Role-Playing Game which has been a fan favourite since the mid nineteen nineties.

HinT has recently rediscovered L5R after a long absence (since the 1st Edition RPG and the Jade Edition of the CCG, back in the 1st days of the game). Introducing new players to Rokugan (L5R’s setting) and starting up a role-playing campaign

are fairly high on Fishy’s priorities list. The campaign will be about the lives

of a generation of young samurai and start in the earliest days of the

setting’s history: the final days of Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, the last days

Of relative peace before the Scorpion Clan Coup and the Clan War.

The War Of Honor is a boxed, stand-alone version of the CCG using cards from the Celestial and Emperor Editions in a modified pseudo-board game environment. After a few more games to get the hang of the rules, HinT intend to start tracking overall victory progress in this game for both the individual players and each of the Great Clans. The details of this have yet to be decided.

The expansions which are suitable for playing in The War Of Honor are those from the end of the Destroyer War leading into the Age Of Conquest. This includes The Dead Of Winter, Before The Dawn, Forgotten Legacy, Second City, Emperor Edition, Embers Of War, Seeds Of Decay, Honor & Treachery and Torn Asunder.