Way back when Job was a boy*, two men created a new type of game and the world’s greatest hobby was born. The men were E. Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson, the game was Dungeons & Dragons™ and the hobby, of course, was role-playing.

In 2014, during a gaming renaissance, Wizards Of the Coast - the current owners of D&D - released a new edition of the game. Commonly (and inaccurately) referred to as 5th Edition, this new version of the game harks back to the glory days of 1st and 2nd edition while maintaining some of the mechanical sophistication of 3rd edition and the broad appeal of 4th. The resultant game is slick, playable and has been hailed by many as the best edition of D&D to date. Not all of HinT agree however, and so the group’s D&D gaming is still split across a number of editions.